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I Can’t Help Myself

by Josey Wellz

Josey Wellz


In today's ever-changing industry of entertainment, true talent like Josey Wellz cannot be contained. He exploded onto the scene with a refreshing, yet powerful sound that captivates both your heart and mind. With the fusion of such influences as Caribbean/Afro Pop and R&B, his unique sound is undeniable. Whatever you call him; Singer, Songwriter or Entertainer, Josey Wellz is the real thing and most importantly a master storyteller, who will take you on a journey through his life with moments we can all relate to. 


Josey Wellz, a nickname given by a childhood friend was born Joel Nicholas. He was raised in the heart of New York City and as a youth, he fought the challenges and temptations filling the streets of the Bronx. In 2013 he found his way to Atlanta, with a heart full of hope and talent he fed his passion for music with every genre he could find...


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I Can't Help Myself


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